It Takes Two Workout

by DI Si

As I know there have been “two people workouts” over lockdown I thought I would create a workout that you could do with someone.


The format is one person starts on one exercise and the other person does the second.


When completed take a 30-45 second rest and then you swap over the exercises.


Complete TWO sets before moving on to the next round. 


Feel free to move the reps for what might be more appropriate for you but I am sure you can see how this works and also …. Yes, I know there are burpees on every round ;-) 


Warm-up for 5-7 mins: 

Gentle mobilisation movements (swing, twists, rotations) that lead to dynamic bodyweight loading (squats and press-ups) moving into higher intensity (high knees and jumping) to bring up the heart rate. 


Round 1 + 2 Sets

20 Burpees 

40 Crunches

Round 2 + 2 Sets

15 Burpees

30 Squat Jumps

Round 3 + 2 Sets

10 Burpees

20 Press Ups

Round 4 + 2 Sets

5 Burpees

10 Star Jumps


If you want to make it easier then you can turn the burpees to Squats or Squat Thrusts - if you would like to make it harder - then go back up once completed starting from the 5 and 10 reps and moving up the table. 

Cool down for 5-7 mins: 

Allowing the heart rate to come back down and breathing to return to normal. 

Then go through a series of stretches that allow all the muscles of the body to have some attention and recovery.



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