Why exercise with fitMK

by DI Si





We have got out top three reasons as to why our members train with us and why you may like it also.

First and most importantly is our members.


We have some of the most encouraging and community spirted members. 

Think about this - have you ever been to a gym, not really be sure what to do pnce you got there, barely or didn't even speak to anyone finally have got to the changing room to change and then left feeling unsatisfied or that was a waste of time?

This doesn’t happen at fitMK!

You will be supported no matter your ability - you could be someone that has not exercised since leaving school or ypou could be an Olympic athlete you will still receive that same level of support from the instrcutors and the members.

Whilst doing exercise you will be encouraged by like-minded individuals to get those last reps out, to go a little faster or to work a little bit harder.  They also like to give us Instructors plenty of banter which always lightens the mood and makes the sessions even more enjoyable.


Second and the next most most important thing is because it is fun!

We understand that exercise is much more enjoyable if it is fun and you are much more likely to come back.  

You will never do the same session twice and as instructors we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  

You will definitely work hard whilst training with us but you will also play team games and have a giggle with fellow members.  We also run regular socials and get involved with muddy races that really help keep the group sprit high.


Third it is a great way to improve your fitness and get results.

When training with fitMK your fitness will improve in many different aspects from strength and muscular endurance to running and flexibility.

We can give you a host of people that sing our prasies but lets give you some actual facts!

Sean Robertson improved his 10k running time by over 14 minutes in the space of a year training with fitMK. 

Heidi Bourton was unable to do one press up from her toes she can now do 20.  

Dave Walker lost 4st and dramatically improved all areas of his fitness.  

There are many more example of members losing weight, getting faster, fitter and more flexible.  If you want to get results and are willing to put the effort in fitMK, Willen Lake at Milton Keynes is the place to come.




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