My Journey - Heidi Bourton

by DI Si





In January 2015 my partner saw an offer for a 3 months unlimited trial for fitMK to which to my dismay she honestly thought I needed it - personally I don't think it was needed (haha)

Once I started I can honestly say I absolutely loved it, therefore once my voucher ran out there was no doubt in my mind I was definitely signing up as a fully fledge member to get the official t shirt and I haven't looked back since.


The DI’s are all very friendly and encouraging and I have made some great friends along the way. I even manage to find the time after a 12hr work shift to come along to one of the sessions and this is all down to how welcoming the DI’s and the other members are.


Three and half months into starting with fitMK because I'm quite clever and successfully managed to fracture my pelvis not once but twice (through no fault of anyone but my own I may add). But it just goes to show how much I enjoy coming that as soon as I recovered I was back for the grueling punishment and a warm welcome from both new and old members.


Being the person that I am; I’m not one to moan or make a fuss but it was struggle to start all over again. I'm no quitter and with the support of all the DI's and members I'm on the road to getting my fitness back up.


Improvements since joining fitMK and other exercises that I have learnt


1 - I can actually do more than 1 proper press-up when I started I could do none.

2 - I can actually do some dips I thought that was something you had with tortillas how wrong was I.

3 - Squat thrusts I thought that was something only done in the privacy of your own home again how wrong was I.

4 - Burpees wasn't something you done after eating to much.

5 - Sit-ups something I only ever done watching late night tv.


The list is endless so you see not only has fitMK physically improved my fitness and health it has also widen my knowledge.


Thank you fitMK I will be raring to go in 2016 best wishes the ‘quiet’ one Heidi.



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