To ensure success ... read this

by DI Si

Can you think of personal goal that you want to achieve?


Maybe you would like to lose some weight?

Maybe you would like to be bit faster or more fit than you currently are? 

Maybe you have a holiday or wedding that you want to feel AMAZING for? 



  1. How and what are you going to do to help you get the results you desire ?

  2. Why will it work this time (certainly if it hasn't worked in the past) ? 

  3. When are you going to start putting into practice the things that you have to do to get these results? 

  4. What will you need to do to make sure that you stick to the schedule/action plan that you draw?

  5. What are you going got put into place to to make sure that you stick to it? 

  6. What are you going to do on the days that you don't feel like it? 

  7. Who is going to support you on this journey? 

  8. Is there a way you are going to reward yourself or celebrate when you reach success? 



I understand this is a lot of questions BUT they need to be asked and more importantly ANSWERED to help you get to your destination!



At fitMK we have a proven track record of success with results because not only do we have a bundle of variety in our training sessions but also we make them fun by our instructors personality and including our members in with as much as we can throw at them. 


Finally we like to develop our community with a positive and caring way of training. 


Quite simply; our rule is if you turn up - then that is half the battle conquered ... if you do as we ask then the battle will well and truly be WON!!


OK lets get our war-paint ready! ... Ask and answer the questions above  ... then get a growl in your throat as now your results are COMING!!


I would like to leave you with something that I found that is a great way of communicating with yourself: 



The odds of success - 

"I won't succeed" 0% success
"I can't succeed" 0% success
"I don't have the money" 0% success 

"I don't know how" 5% success
"I wish I could" 10% success
"I want to" 25% success
"I think I might" 45% success
"I think I can" 65% success
"I can" succeed 75% success
"I will succeed no matter what" 85% success
"I did succeed" 95% success

"I did succeed but I wasn't alone" 100% sucess

The less excuses the more chance you have to succeed.

Result it's a sum of all choices you made.


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