Hen Party Boot Camp

by DI Si

Today we did something that fitMK has never done before!

Having been around for 10 years now we have pretty much attempted most things but we have never done a Hen Party Boot Camp! 

It was all fun and banter at the begining but the bride had made us promise that the girls would get a workout - so that was what we delivered.

We deployed DIs Simon and Matt and made sure that Boot Camp was part of the session and of course some equipment based X-fit style class was thrown into the mix and of course we always need a little bit of cheeky partner games and team competitons to spice it all up!

Catherine (the bride) was dressed up as a flamingo (as you are) and was not only given a workout of the physical nature but also of the laughter variety. We knew that this would have to be something a little different but also wanted it be really good fun and kick start the girls hen party weekend with a bang! The warm up was a series of partner drills and then the main Xfit session included throwing medicine balls into the ground, throwing hammers into big tyres and flipping the big tractor tyre!

Then we moved on partner exercises that may have been considered slightly more challenging and funny than you would normally see at a fitMK session. Grabbing ankles and making sure there wasn't too much contact was key!

The girls had a great time as did the instructors and if you are considering some a little different for your hen/stag or group occasion maybe call the chaps at fitMK and see what they can do for you.


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