Nutrition Questions to DI Matt

by DI Matt

If I am looking to lose weight - whats the most important tip you can give? 

Eating less calories than you are burning off (putting yourself in a calorie deficit). This could be through the no carb diet, the high fat diet the smoothie diet etc... These diets do not make you lose weight because of the lack of carbs or solid foods but because they are low in calories, are they healthy now that’s a totally different story.

So should I eat carbs?

Yes, carbohydrates give you energy, if you cut out all carbohydrates your physical performance will suffer, this maybe at a boot camp or just at work. Having a balance diet of proteins, carbs and fats is the best way to do it as you need a balance nutrients and energy from each one.

OK well let me ask you this - do YOU eat healthy all the time?

This question is misleading, if I want to eat a pizza or cheese cake I will, will I put on weight from doing this no, is that because I have a super-fast metabolism no it is because it eat consistently “good food choices” most of the time which means I eat around the same amount of calories as I burn through exercise and everyday life, getting a balance of carbs, proteins and fats. Is eating a pizza or slice of cheese cake unhealthy no eating anything in moderation is never unhealthy (unless you have a medical reason not to) but having a diet where these foods are getting eaten regularly and in high quantity is not good for your body.

If I have a calorie goal and I am hitting it daily, does it matter where the calories come from?

Foods with high sugar with give you a quick energy boost but these energy levels will soon coming crashing down, often giving you a low blood sugar level as a diabetic I can assure you having a low blood sugar is more than likely to leave you grouchy and less able to function at your best. Slow release carbohydrates will keep giving you energy slowly and steadily for up to around 4hours depending on what you eating. A good guide for what have slow release carbohydrates is the Glycaemic Index.

What should I take from this blog?

The biggest thing to take from this blog is that if you want to lose weight eat less calories than you burn (a deficit of around 3,500 will make you lose 1lb as a general guide), if you want to be at your optimum make sure you get nutrients and energy from proteins, fats (yes fats are needed) and carbohydrates.

Make food choices that you can stick to as consistency is key. 



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