5 Top Tips on Monday Training

by DI Si

1. You’re more likely to work out the rest of the week.

Would you like to start the KING of master habits ? Then no matter what train on Monday ... no matter how small it will just have the ability to motivate you to exercise on Tuesday, Wednesday or whenever you pencil in your next fitMK workout.

2. You’ll smile more. 

Exercise could help you beat those Monday blues. One common benefit of physical exercise is that it realeases endorphins, the hormones that make you feel happier. Nothing feels as great as a finished workout, right? And science backs this up. According to researchers, children and young people had imporved self-esteem after exercising. Plus, if you’re running or playing outside in the sunshine (for example Willen Lake or Campbell park), you’ll get an extra dose of happiness.

3. You’ll quell anxious thoughts.

We get it - we all have things that we would rather not do :  Reading that mountain of paperwork gathering dust on your desk over the weekend - A ton of emails that you feel you dont even know where to begin - of having to deal with THAT person again! But don’t go hiding back under the covers just yet. Studies show that aerobic exercise can lessen general anxiety. Plus, high-intensity exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety sensitivity. Throw in our Core and Flexibilty session which tends to have some meditation at the end and you will be making your mind fit as well as your body!

4. You’ll catch better zzz’s.

Struggling to get the sleep you think you should get OR maybe you always feel tired? Take heart - we can help! Resistance exercise can help reboot the internal body clock that controls your sleep cycle. Studies have shown the insomniacs, after consistent exercise would sleep an extra 45 minutes! So get booked on to an Xfit class or maybe Metabolic Express to help you get that extra quality sleep. 

5. You’ll boost brainpower.

Hitting the gym can help you become smart as healthier nerve cells in the brain get built when you train. A study showed that strenuous exercise helped participants perform better on a memory test. They also absorbed new concepts faster, too. So if ever there was a good reason to get along to an early morning Boot Camp session - you just got it!




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