Don't be everything to everyone - we say .... 'raspberry blow'

by DI Si

When I started fitMK 10 years ago; I only had one Boot Camp session and it was on a Thursday night at 18:30 in Campbell Park. 

If you couldn't do that time, that day; or you couldn't get to that venue; or you didn't like training outside; or you were scared so much by the name Boot Camp ... then this wouldn't be right for you - simples!

Move forward to today we have 30 sessions running per week!

So lets look at some of the reasons why we think we are for everyone. 

I can't do evening training sessions - That's OK we can train you in the morning or during the day or maybe weekends are better for you?

I am scared by High Intensity Training or that this might be too hard - We have created a Foundation session to welcome new people and teach them within their comfort zone. However we have a colour system that looks after everyone from beginner to advance. 

I train already and don't think it will be hard enough for me - OK we like a challenge - but the reality is we push everyone to do the best that they can do. Regardless if you are a grandfather or a soldier we have the ability to train you and to a high standard. We have recently launched Ultimate Fit Camp and this is design to get more than the best out of people's training!

I have the children - I understand. I have two children myself so created Family Fitness so that you can bring your children with you.

I don't like running - A lot of our classes have no running in them - give Metabolic Express or Box Fit a go.

I do like running - Great we have Boot Camps that will include that or maybe you would like to go to our specific Beginners or Advanced Run fit sessions delivered by the super DI Matt. 

I need to get stronger - You will adore our X-fit sessions. Our equipment based class, which is all about strength and conditioning.

I want more flexibility - Our Core and Flex class has the amazing Christine whose passion is yoga and this lady knows how to meditate and bring calm to the beginning or ending of the day.

So are we for everyone?

Listen ... the answer to that is of course not as we can't work for everyone on every part BUT dammit we try so hard. fitMK has grown so much from its birth and all the Drill Instructors and I am passionate about is helping people with their health and lifestyle goals that I like to think that if you get a benefit then you will try and orgnise your diary so that you can come to what works for you.

We are not a gym - we will never be 24 hours - we won't have facilities to change in or showers BUT you do get some of the hardest working personal trainers in Milton Keynes and a beloved community of members help you with your goals.

If you really don’t like training outside then we are not the right fitness provider for you - Dont feel bad about this as we won't - this is the one thing we couldnt and would never change - we adore our lake and park where we work and will continue to get results for the people that like who we are and what we do. 

We would love it if you where one of them!

Chief DI Simon




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