Never ... never - never give up!

by DI John

As an instructor who also participates in fitMK sessions I have a very interesting reflection from this mornings Bootcamp run by Simon that emphasised perseverance, never giving up and the fact that there is always more in all of us than we think.
We just need some help sometimes to bring it out.
Steph Muffet was amazing this morning and has worked very hard to reach a level of fitness where she was leading the way and powering up Beacon hill, an absolutely shining example of the points in my reflections from this mornings session.
Additionally, new member Christine was achieving things this morning she might not have thought possible, including several ascents of Beacon Hill! What struck me was how she did not give up and was helped by Simon's encouragement and motivation to exceed her own expectations.
I think that sums it up for me.
If we work hard at our fitness and persevere even when it gets tough it is amazing what we are capable of!
But it also helps having someone who really cares about helping you to get the best out of yourself . That is what fitMK has been about for me over many years and inspired me to join the Drill instructor team having learned so much from Simon, Matt and the other guys about helping people achieve their fitness goals.


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