Are you afraid of coming?

by DI Si

Chief Instructor Simon has a go at explaining what it is like coming to a fitMK session for the first and helping you to recognise that he and all the instrcutors recognise why you may be holding back from booking or turning up to a session. 

Some of the fitMK members quotes off the back of this video really helped to enforce what he was saying. 

Donna Hendry McDermott ·- Everyone is so motivating. We cheer each other along and support each other. Come and join us

Stephen Catton ·- The best thing about fitMK is that nobody judges you. It doesnt mater how fit or not you are, we just have loads of fun and get fitter.

Rob Woollett ·- This is so true about fitMK. It really is like an extended family that support and assist each other. That first hurdle (turning up to my first session) did feel like I was going to have to jump over an 18ft hurdle. That hurdle swiftly became hardly foot tall and looking back it wasn't a hurdle all.
If anyone wants someone to join them for their first session I'll happily go with them.


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