Why did she stay?

by DI Guest

It was 6am on a dark, cold February morning. Bootcamp had seemed a much better idea in my head the night before. Stood at Willen Lake ready for my first FitMK Bootcamp, I didn’t know what to expect or who I would meet. 

I was completely over the entire gym scene. I was fed up of feeling self-conscious on every piece of equipment and working out with only my own thoughts going round my head. Not to mention following a class timetable that, when I look back now, I didn’t actually enjoy.

I’ve always been an active person and adore the high that exercise gives me. I’ve tried pretty much everything including; Zumba, yoga, HIIT, running, Pilates, cycling, swimming and conditioning classes. But this time around was different

I had come back to the UK after travelling for just over a year, had eaten more than I care to admit over Christmas and my fitness was at rock bottom. I knew I needed something to push me further, to jump start my fitness journey and to bring me back to the active person I know and love.

I won’t lie; my first FitMK Bootcamp left my body in utter shock! The intense running, burpees and push ups broke me for around three days! But I kept coming back - I was hooked. Without even realising it, I was smiling through almost every session – come rain or shine! As the weeks and months rolled by, I got that bit faster and that bit stronger – I started to recover faster and surprised myself with what I could do. I struggled at times but other members, people who I had not known long, supported me and cheered me on. The DI’s and their challenges tested my ability, pushed me to do exercises that I would never do on my own and motivated me more each time. 

The unconditional support of Simon, Matt and all the FitMK crew over the past seven months has increased my confidence and motivations so much more. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my first official 5K this summer! My fitness has improved dramatically and I feel like I’m getting back to the person I recognise.

From the moment I turned up to class on that dark winter morning, I’ve felt part of something unique. There is something to be said about exercising with a group of people who make you smile and laugh in every class – it has a profound effect on your whole day and how good you feel about yourself. You’re not alone, you’re not competing with anyone – you’re just glad that you turned up and did the best you could.

Thank you to everyone at FitMK. Keep up the awesome work!


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