Top 3 reasons as to why you should train outside

by DI Si

We would like to share 3 of our top reasons from fitMK as you why you should train outside.


1. You get a change of scenery

When running on a treadmill or even working out in a class in a gym you will see the same walls/space for however long you are there. 

It might feel very ‘hamster on a wheel’ and getting nowhere. 

When you train outside you can be in different areas of the park, next you have dropped to do a bodyweight workout of a patch of grass, then as we find a bench or some stones to do jumps or step ups, when we move on after a few minutes we see some trees and use those for handstand press-ups or static squat holds.


On top of all this there will be an amazing view of the lake as well as having the the amazing blue or night sky above your head. 


2. It good for you

You get fresh air into your lungs and it has been well documented how much more of a positive effect it has on someone when being outside in nature. 

So not only will you be getting fitter and losing weight BUT you will improved your mood and brain function. Along with a boost of vitamin D which benefits the body by protecting against heart disease, type 2 diabetes as well as reducing depression it makes sense to make being outside part of your daily routine.


2. You’ll burn more calories

Yes that right - and there has been scientific proof!!  

Wind resistance will increase your calorie burn up to 10% according to Harvard Medical Studies. And the natural terrain and also the changeable weather and temperature; this will keep the body guessing what is happening and therefore will be in a better state for change itself.


There are more reasons as to why you could train outside and with fitMK and we would like to challenge you to come down try us out and see the benefits yourself. 


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