Do you do this three times a week?

by DI Si

Do you know what the average person does 3 times a week?
I'm sure there are a range of answers coming up to that question but just to confirm this wil be about health and fitness!
British families who are very much like you reading this blog/email .... They will eat out or order takeaways!
For me as a child going out for a meal or eating out was a special treat and I do remember my parent taking me to McDonalds and looking forward to my burger, chips and coke kiddie meal but this would be 3 or maybe 4 times a year! Now some people eat this a week!!
Also the delivery service of fast food has improved fantastically so this means you don't even have to waste energy going out to get the food it can be brought to you. The Friday night walk to the chippie has been replaced by someone on a moped doing the running around because he got notified on the app of the details that you filled in. 
It has just become standard way to order food and to eat like this because people like things to be easy for them as possible ... but is this detrimental to your health? 
Well the way to look at this is how often do you do it and where is the balance in your eating as well as training. 
It is easy to consume a lot more calories on dinner than you normally would because the way takeaway food is cooked is to make it as appealing as possible therefore fats, salts and sugars are used widely and makes it very simple to consume double the amount of calories you would normally eat in just one meal. 
Also you have to factor in how much exercise you are doing - if this is regular and habitual then chances are there isn't going to be much of a problem. 
However if you aren't exercising regularly .... there will be a consequence to the actions and this might not be a result that you are looking for long term. 
So you want to change habits.
Human beings love bad habits or at least they will tell themselves little 'stories' that make the bad habits acceptable.
"I read that chocolate has health benefits"
"Alcohol de-stresses me after a tough day"
"I need this food for energy"
If anyone keeps hearing these stories then they can comfortably slide back into their bad habits...
So are you someone that could start to make some serious good habits?
Do you know someone that does eat takeaways at least three times a week and need to make a change? 
What is the challenge that you have to overcome to change the habit? 
What are you going to do about it when the moment arises again to order some quick and easy from that app instead?
Would you end up banging your head against a brick wall to come up with answers?
Or work with what’s really happening and what you could do about it?
Why not take a look for yourself and your regular habits and routines and see where you can make small tweaks and changes that makes you feel better and instead of having a takeaway every week - make it one of those things that happens only now and again. 



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