Recovery tips to get the BEST results

by DI Si

So you have done the hard work of training at an exercise class and or Boot Camp so what is the next step to help you get your results? 

Read these seven top tips to help you hit your goals :


Tip 01: Get a little pre-workout snack

Light snacks, such as a little peanut butter on wheat toast or a handful of nuts, jump start the muscle synthesis process. As a result, the other workout recovery steps work even better.

Tip 02: Time to get the skinny jeans …well… Compression Garments ;-)

The gentle, yet even, pressure can help muscles recover faster, largely because compression garments control swelling and inflammation. According to one study at the US National Library of Medicine these garments also improve heart rate, respiration, and other bodily functions.

Tip 03: Drink the white stuff

The king of dairy drinks is milk and it has lots of protein to help muscles recover and carbohydrates to expedite the recovery process. By all means increase the protein by adding some of your favourite vanilla or chocolate protein powder to ramp it up another level.

Tip 04: Get ready to rock!!

Music works great immediately after a workout.

·       First of all, it distracts the brain from muscle soreness, so the pain does not seem as intense. There’s also some truth to the old saying that “music calms the savage beast.”

·       There is a good ‘feel factor’ to listening to your favourite artist or group and it is powerful to get that connected to exercise.

·       Some tunes do slow down the heart rate and can help lower blood pressure.

Tip 05: Have a dip in the bath

When I used to train in martial arts and kickboxing I need to find a way to recover quickly as the next training session was normally ‘tomorrow’!! Once I discovered ice baths it was like unwrapping a new pair of legs.

Ice packs do reduce swelling and inflammation while acting as a pain reliever to strains and sprains so it makes sense to help the body recover in the ‘coolest’ possible way.

Tip 06: Get Plenty of Rest

Rest can mean different things for different people. Some need a few days after each training session some need just s good nights sleep to go again the next day.

Some find a daytime nap helps them being a top level performance in the their training and some can just make do on their 5/6 hours a night.

Find what works for you  - if you are always tired or getting injured then you may be doing to much. Back off and allow yourself some rest and see if that helps you recover and you can always come back once your body as adapted to the new level of fitness that you have created!  

Tip 07: Decrease Alcohol Consumption

It is easy when you get into the role of regular training that the pub and being able to eat and drink what you like fits in well with your training.

Listen – we get it; for some people, a post-boot camp trip to the pub is an integral part of the social experience and we wouldn’t want to knock that.  BUT you can still hang out with your friends and enjoy a glass of water or soft drink (my personal favourites are lime or blackcurrant with soda water)!

Alcohol may undo much of the muscle-building progress that takes place during and after a workout.


Let us know if you use any of these recovery tips and also how you find them working for you as I strongly believe that if you follow them you should significantly enhance your results.




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