Christina's 6 days of fitMK

by DI Guest

Monday 26th February 2018

"It’s Monday, which means it’s a boxing night for me.  Boxing was the reason I first joined fitMK but when I initially tried it I didn’t like it much and preferred some of the other sessions.  However I came back to it when injury meant I couldn’t run much and now it’s one of the sessions I really look forward to.

In boxing you work one on one with a partner, one holds the pads while the other punches.  It means you can work together and encourage each other.  Sometimes we stay with the same partner all night, other times we swap around, it depends on who’s there and what the drills are. 

There are times when you have to think because there are different combinations of punches (believe me some can be really complicated!) and there are times when you have to count the number of punches.  I’ve found it’s a bit difficult to count and encourage at the same time, maybe that’s why DI timings are so bad.

What it also gives you is an opportunity to legitimately hit something and take out the frustrations of the week.

Boxing is immediately after boot camp and we usually watch them come in exhausted after a hard session, tonight boot camp is unusually quiet, probably because it’s cold and there is a risk of snow.  The five of us at boxing wandered down to the second underpass, where there is light and it’s not too windy. 

After a warm up we partner up to start the session.  As there is an odd number and so DI Matt picks someone to do a double round with him.  If you are partnered with someone who punches really hard, sometimes your arms actually feel better after doing a double round of punching than alternating with the pads!

Tonight there are no weird combinations; in fact it is all straight punches. We do a round of straight punches with our partner then move down the line and do the same again, and then it’s a round of double punches with different partners and another round of straight punches.  Then a short run, I hate not being able to see where I put my feet and also I’m aware that it could be a bit icy, that’s my excuse anyway for being particularly slow tonight. 

We get back in to swap gloves and pads and the other person then does the same drill. 

We then have a break from the punching and do some abdomial and core work. 

Next we then went into a rep challenge - 100 straight, hard punches then running to the other underpass and do this five times.  The person on the pads stayed to do a body weight exercise, but as my partner was not running I had to do the run when I was on gloves and pads.  Between these there was a couple of press up variations. 

The final drill of the night was to go down the line again, starting with just left straight punch, then go down the line with a right straight and final blast out of straight punches just with your partner.  Once we had both done that it was over. 

Tonight went really quickly but some of that was because we had some good banter and chat between us.  We pack up the gloves and pads and slowly make our way back to the van again having the opportunity to chat as we go.

I’m off home to have a late dinner and warm up."


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