Christina's 6 days of fitMK

by DI Guest

Tuesday 27th February 2018

"Tuesday for me is an ME day, that’s metabolic express or as my husband calls it ‘minimal effort’, not that he’s ever been!

This is a dumbbell-based workout, using the weights and mixing up different types of exercise, for example you might do a squat and then a shoulder press as part of the same movement.  The principle here is to work as hard as you can for as long as you can and then you rest. 

Yes I did say rest and it’s allowed if not encouraged. 

It’s quite a good one to do if you have an injury which means you can’t run because there is rarely any running involved. Through the session the weights become your friends, you have to pick carefully, too light and you don’t feel challenged and too heavy and you can’t lift them for the whole session and end up spending more time resting than working.

If I’m honest of the sessions I do this is probably the one I enjoy least, I’m not sure why but maybe because afterwards I always question myself about whether I rested too much and didn’t push myself enough. 

The first choice to make on arrival is the weight of dumbbell to take,

I decided on the 7kg ones, I had moved up to 8kg but then hurt my back after Christmas and so am working my way back up.  It’s even colder tonight and by the time we get to the underpass I can’t feel the tips of my fingers because they are so cold.  That doesn’t last though and soon enough I am warm and have to take layers off.  At least we stay in one place so I don’t have to wear less to begin with or carry the extra layers around. 

We start with a warm up to get the heart rate going then as soon as DI Matt says pick up your weights you know it’s time to start. 

It’s a bit of a brutal start, 20 squats with a side raise, the side raise is really tough to do properly and I find that my form isn’t very good with the heavy weights.  Then it’s 20 squat and shoulder press followed by 20 press up rows, then high plank until everyone has finished. 

I have mixed feelings about number of reps because sometimes I feel I rush through them to get them done but don’t necessarily do them properly. 

Then we do a bit of fiddling around lowering the plank little by little.  Then it’s onto the next round, a repeat of this with a few jumping jacks and spotty dogs thrown in for warmth. The third time repeating these exercises was done on time maybe because numbers meant that everyone was finishing at different times and those who finished first had the opportunity to get cold. 

There may have been some warming burpees thrown in at the end.

Then we moved on to the next set, lunging with the weights, first one leg then the other.  Then squat hold with a bicep curl and squat thrusts, no weight required.  Lunging with a bicep curl and then a few burpees with weights and squat thrusts, it all melted into one by this stage so this may not be right!

The a final flourish of 15 burpees with weights before a nice stretch off and the long walk back to the van with the weights, they definitely seem heavier on the way back."


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