Christina's 6 days of fitMK

by DI Guest

Wednesday 28 Feruary 2018

"Nowadays for me Wednesday is Boot Camp day. 

Boot camp in a way is the classic session covering a bit of everything.  There’s running, body weight exercises, some partner resistance work, and sometimes even some games.  No two weeks are the same and you never know what to expect.  Some sessions you run longer distances while others it may be more sprint based, which ever it is you definitely have a good workout.  

The different bib colours mean that whatever your level of fitness you can workout to your own ability.  I’m a white bib, somewhere in the middle, I can usually do the blue bib exercises (apart from burpees) but my running is quite slow and if I do too much distance then old injuries flare up, so generally I mix and match a bit. 

For me this is probably the hardest session I do because of the running, other people find the running easy but struggle with the exercises.  If you are going to go home muddy then this will be then session that does it but the mud is almost like a badge of honour that you have survived.

Recently they have taken to posting on Facebook bits about Wednesday boot camp.  Tonight was no exception and it promises lamppost drop circuit, intense tabata, plank wrestling with a partner, a commando crawl style relay and a fun game to finish.  I’m not sure whether this encourages me to go or to stay at home!

It’s a really cold night, the car said minus 5! And a even colder wind coming off the lake.

I don’t think that I have ever trained in weather this cold, it makes clothes choice difficult because I don’t want to be too cold but then I don’t necessarily want to have to carry extra layers.  I needn’t have worried; it was so cold that no layers came off!  In fact it was so cold that the top of my water bottle froze.

The x-fitters went to the relative shelter of the underpass while us hard-core boot campers headed off into the cold and wind round the lake.  I think I had brain freeze for most of it so can’t remember exactly what we did!

The warm up started with a gentle jog between lampposts. Stopping to do 20 star jumps, then 15 at the next, 10 and then 5.  I think we did a few squats and a few more lampposts.  I was worried about the under foot conditions but they weren’t too bad and so we were able to run ok. 

We started off doing pull ups, one person lies on the floor arms up while the other two stand each side and holds them, they then have to pull themselves up.  We then did the first tabata of the evening.  They involve 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest for eight rounds.  The first one was dips.  I started off ok but by the end my arms were screaming. We then started a run, sprint, press up, star jump drill, it started round a circular hedge but we got a bit dizzy so moved into the car park, basically DI Robin shouted an instruction and we followed it!

We then ran on a little further, supposedly to a warmer spot although I’m not convinced and did the second tabata round, this time it was mountain climbers.  Another short jog before having to do a squat waddle, basically walking while in the squat position with the occasional burpee as a respite.  We then began to head back, this is the time where you know the end is in sight but you are always surprised by how much can be squeezed in.  We found another bench and did a couple of rounds of incline press ups, dips and jumping squats with a little run in between. 

I thought at this point it must be time to go back but no a final drill, where one person on the first lamppost did 5 burpees, they then ran to the person on the second lamppost who was doing squat thrusts, they then ran to the person on the third lamppost who was doing star jumps and they then ran to the first lamppost to do their burpees, fortunately only time for one round each.

Then a slow jog/walk back stretching along the way and off home to try and get warm."


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