Christina's 6 days of fitMK

by DI Guest

Friday 2nd March/23rd Feb 2018

"Friday is kettlebell night. I attended DI John’s first workshop and have been a regular ever since. 

For me the workshop was important because it gave me the skills needed to safely swing the kettlebell and also a couple of other moves, which we have gradually built on. Who would have thought standing in one place and swinging a lump of metal could get your heart racing and give you an all over body workout?

Each week the basics are the same, there are certain moves such as the double handed swing which we do every week but the DI John likes to mix in a few other moves and often challenges us with something new altogether.  No two weeks are the same, sometimes it’s a time set and sometimes it’s numbers or even a mixture of both.

This is a difficult one to come to if you have not done the workshop or have no experience of swinging a kettlebell because there is a technique involved and you can’t expect to just pick a kettlebell up without instruction, avoid injuries and get a good workout.  DI John has become good at managing the session where there are new people and he has had to go through the basics with them and oldies who know what they are doing and want a good workout.

Unfortunately the snow hit my plans to go again, I was contemplating walking down but didn’t really fancy the idea of carrying my kettlebell and walking in the snow.  In the end it was cancelled anyway. I did about 10 seconds worth in the snow on my own but In order to give you an idea of what to expect I can go back to last week. 

This session was really busy and there were a number of new people. 

This meant that we started with quite a long warm up of basic moves, the double handed swing, single arm swing, goblet squats and lunges.  Then DI John gave us oldies a set of 300 to complete while he gave further instruction to the newbies. 

This included 25 double handed swings, 25 sumo squat high pulls, 25 snatches, 25 alternate single arm swings, 25 clean and push to press and 25 lunges ain’t a twist. 

This was then repeated. 

Wow it was tough and intense; I used my 16kg kettlebell throughout as my 12kg had been borrowed.  I found myself working until I couldn’t work any more and then resting before starting again.  Once this had finished we all did a few other moves together but by this time I think we were all exhausted!

Again the long walk back to the car uses the last of the energy, especially when you are carrying kettlebells."


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