Christina's 6 days of fitMK

by DI Guest

Saturday 2nd March 2018

Saturday morning is X-fit, I don’t have a lot of recovery time after Friday night but this is one of my favourite sessions.  

As with all the others every week is different but it usually involves work on a piece of equipment, body weight exercises and a very small amount of running. 

Sometimes you partner up and work on a station together, sometimes you work alone, sometimes you do a certain number of reps and other times it is timed.  I prefer the timed ones because then you are not rushing through reps and you all get roughly the same amount of time in the equipment. 

Again each week the equipment and exercises vary.  The equipment includes tyres of various different sizes which you might flip, lift or slam down.  Barrels which you might have to walk with or lift, stepping platforms which you might have to step onto, jump on to or use for dips, bars which you can attach weights to and lift either from the floor or shoulders, sand bags which you lift or carry, a stretcher with weights which you lift or carry, kettlebells, dumbbells, the list goes on.

Here you can really see improvement in strength where you may not have initially been able to lift the bar or barrel you now can.  I remember when the big barrel first arrived I couldn’t lift it above my head but with practice and improving strength I now can.

This week because of the snow I decided I would walk down.  I thought it would be quiet and it was, only four of us and only three stations set out. 

After a warm up, DI Matt demonstrated the stations and explained what we needed to do at each.  We worked with a partner throughout the session and had to work together to reach a certain number of reps. I started on the two 12kg kettlebells, between us we had to do 200 shoulder presses.  My maximum at any one time was 10 reps before I had to hand over to my partner.  

It worked out that he did a few more reps than I did  as he had a higher failure point than I did.  We then moved onto burpees, 100 reps between us.  I am particularly slow at burpees but working ten at a time we eventually got there.  By this time I was really feeling it but then we went on to the barrel. 

100 burpees on the barrel lifting it above our head. 

Again we worked in 10’s, there was also a lighter alternative and so I did as many as I could on the barrel while trying to maintain form before going down to the lighter weight. 

The final station was 200 dips. 

It started off not too bad, we both did as many as we could each time, then as we got into it at about nine my arms just stopped working and I couldn’t push myself up. 

With DI Matt telling me I needed to go lower, I got stuck at the bottom, which was the time I knew I had to swap with my partner.  Even though we rested while our partner worked, this was a really tough session. 

However we did have a bit of fun at the end a snowball fight, I am sure that the consequence of being hit was doing a burpee but I don’t think I bothered with that! Finally we then built a snowman with the final, piece of the workout being to lift the head on. 

It was a good fun session despite being hard, again with lots of banter and encouragement.


Sunday 3rd March 2018

Sunday is officially my rest day.  My body needs a break after the exertion of the week.

All I can say today is ouch my shoulders hurt!!!

However even though I missed a couple of days of training I can reflect on a good week with a real variety of activities and I am looking forward to the next one.


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