Why and how to get a strong upper body

by DI Si

The shoulder press is a phenomenal upper body exercise and is one of our Boot Camps pure partner resistance strength exercise. 


There are multiple muscles that are being used when performing this exercise and these include your Deltoids (Shoulder), Triceps (Arm), Trapezius (Back), Pectorals (Chest) so you can see you really do get 'bang for your buck' when doing this exercise. 


To do these with the best form focus on 'activating your core' to support your back... imagine you are going to get lightly punched in the stomach and you wanted to show that you could just 'stand there and take it'  - You would suck you belly in lightly and as you pull it in gently allow it to come down. 


‘Tilt’ your chest to the ‘up position’ and squeeze your shoulder blades together whilst ‘sucking’ your shoulders down into the body - the whole torso should feel lock and loaded and ready for the presses!


When pushing up make sure you are pushing directly up so your hands up over the head; and not slightly forward so that the hands are more over your knees!

One of my favourite saying is imagine squeezing the bicep towards the ears.... on the way down keep it controlled and allow the elbows to be flared out and coming down in alignment with each other. 


Do not twist at the torso or try and 'swing' to push the weight up. If your arms don't move then the weight is too heavy ... don't worry about taking it down a little to get this form perfect and build back up over the course of the next couple of months. 


If your partner is being too tough then by all means tell them (with dumbbells - that is your decision) but DO NOT allow your ego to push against a too heavy weight and let your good form be compromised. 


Always ask a DI or fitness professional if you are not sure and you would like guidance to make your shoulder presses be the best they can be! 




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