Could fitMK replace rugby?

by DI Guest


When I joined fitMK in June 2012, I was inspired to step into the unknown. After playing rugby for many years (school, university and for Milton Keynes) I decided to try something new to fit into my lifestyle.

I had been married 6 years, had two children and whilst playing rugby was great; the 2-4 hours every Saturday being used up with training, playing, travelling and drinking (maybe I’m being light on the hours) started to eat away into family time. This wasn't fair on my wife so it was time for a change. 


Simon aka ‘The Chief’ strolled into my life on a Tuesday evening at Emerson Valley doing our pre season training in 2011/12 and I was inspired how he trained us. It seemed getting a workout suddenly became loads of fun! Along with all the bodyweight exercises and fitness drills we also got to play with tyres, weights, large objects and heavy stuff. 


I got to a point that the hour we had training with him I loved it so much  ... I almost preferred it to the rest of the training. 


Simon kept persuading me to come down and try fitMK and after the rugby season had ended I decided to enter an unknown gym world to me that had no indoor facilities, no queuing for weight machines, no machines, no showers and no Jacuzzis! 


I had been a member of four gyms in MK from 2001 to 2010 with different success but the biggest issue which I could figure out until after joining fitMK was that of motivation. I needed to work with other people or to be instructed to get my best results. 


I hated going to the gym on my own for a ‘workout’. So I lapped up the ethos and drive of fitMK. 


I remember my first Boot Camp and Simon stated that "he is a blue no issue" to DI Matt and the rest of the class - little did I realise that this was the advanced level. However I was both thrilled and apprehensive to live up to the expectation and loved every minute of it.

An early memory for me also was the fitMK event I loved with two laps of Willen including obstacles as well as a refreshing 'dip' in Willen Lake itself. I was so pleased to have come 12th place out of some 103 people.

What makes fitMK for me is the drive and friendliness of everyone involved. I love the competition and pushing myself against others and the support I can offer the other way. But the members help make it what is is today. Massive praise to Simon for persevering with that dream!

I have fond memories of many sessions: 

X fit sessions with DI Matt, Super High Intensity Training with DI John L and DI John W, the Advanced Boot Camps with DI Si running around both lakes performing 500 + burpees last summer, swinging 24kg bells with DI John and yoga with DI Wayne. So many great times and memories.

I am currently training for the Superhuman Games, which is in June 2018. fitMK sessions are vital for my training. Also I want to get back into triathlons this season as well and again I know the session’s will serve me well for my fitness. 

The friendly nature and banter of the club is also fantastic ... I try to attend as many sessions and socials as I can but I am renowned for not attending as I do commit to pretty much all of them. Binty is always on hand to comment and remind me that I should have been somewhere… Bless her! 

For the future - my main ambition is to get a black bib. I have been thrilled to wear it may times at sessions but to be announced as a Black Bib and be able to keep one would be one of my ultimate fitMK goals.

I may well contribute to the blog again (if I’m allowed) and the topic I think I will speak more of next time will be how I stay motivated and also keep that focus well and truly on aiming for that black bib.

Andy Soper



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