The playing card workout

by DI Si

All you need for this training drill is a pack of cards and to be able to think of 4 exercises. 


Then you will need to allocate an exercise to each suit for example: 


Hearts – Burpees

Clubs – Press ups

Diamonds – Sit-ups

Spades – Squat jumps


The numbers on the card will represent the amount of reps that you have to do of the exercise. With the figure cards you can either keep them all at 10 or make Jack 11, Queen 12 and King 13 if you would like to make it a touch harder. 


Ace can be a ‘your call’ card i.e. you might like to make it 1, or the same number of reps from the last card, or 20 – depending how cruel you are feeling on the day! 


You can train for time. So you say you have 20 minutes then you try and do as many repetitions or cards as you can in that time OR you keep going to all 52 cards are done!  


Other variables or ‘add-on’s’ that can be done with this drill could include: 

Do a 10 metre run between each card. 

Do a 10 second jumping jack between each card. 

Red Card = 5 second squat hold after reps done. Black Card = 10 second rest after the reps done. 


Let us know if you give this drill a go and how you found it and what variations you brought to the mix.

Please share it with anyone you may feel would benefit from this type of training.


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