Donna and fitMK celebrate 8 years of being together!

by DI Si

We recently had one of our members celebrate training with fitMK for 8 years!!!


Yes; you have read that right EIGHT years.


Why would someone keep coming back to the same training business for this long?


Well we had to find out so we sent our best reporter ... sorry - we asked our only reporter .... sorry - we asked DI Simon to ask Donna Hendry McDermot some questions to help find out what has kept her training with fitMK for so long.



DI Simon: What was the 'thing' that prompted you to finding an exercise class?


Donna: My little girl was 6 months old, and I had started dieting to lose the baby weight, but wanted to combine it with a overall fitness class


DI Simon: Well 8 years facebook was not so much of a thing for fitMK so how did you find out about us? 


Donna: I’m not sure if it popped up on facebook, or if I had seen something in the local paper, I really can’t remember. I might have looked up ‘Bootcamps’ on a search engine, for some crazy idea, as I’d known someone else to take part in something similar, and I was intrigued.

DI SImon: How did you feel going to the first session?


Donna: A little nervous to be honest. I did not know anyone and was not sure what was expected of me so was really outside my comfort zone!

DI Simon: Wow so proud of you taking the first step!! How did you feel after the session?


Donna: Rather smug that I had completed it, and completely knackered!

DI Simon: At what point did you decide that fitMK was for you? 


Donna: Straight after the trial I signed up and I think I did 1 session a week for a coupe of months, and found I was enjoying the early morning workouts, so I increased it to 2 times a week about 3 months after.

DI Simon: So what has kept you coming for these eight years - I guess you like fitMK now? ;-) 


Donna: The motivation from the DI’s, and the other members. No-one is frowned upon, and no-one is rubbish, we’re all there for the same reason, and as members, we love seeing new red bibs pushing themselves and becoming white bibs.You feel like you are part of their journey.

DI SImon: What is difficult/hard about fitMK ... how do you overcome that?


Donna: It’s all hard, or there wouldn’t be any point in coming, but the main thing is that it IS do-able. You do what you can at your pace or your level. No-one judges you, because we’re all there to better ourselves, and push ourselves out of our comfort zones

DI Simon: What are you future fitness goals? 


Donna: I’ll probably do another half marathon, and try to get another Personal Best – I’m not brave enough for  full marathon – yet! But otherwise it is all about just keeping the consistent training that has helped me so much over the years and make sure I enjoy it!

DI Simon:  What has been 'the thing' that has help you to continue to come to fitMK after 8 years?


Donna: It’s become part of my weekly routine, usually 3 times a week. Every session is different and challenging, but you know you’re always going to get encouragement from the other members, whether you’re being overtaken by them, or you’re doing the overtaking. Whatever session you do, you come away feeling that you’ve been worked.

DI Simon: What would you say to yourself if 8 years 2 weeks ago if you were having a wobble and thinking that maybe you shouldn't go?


Donna: If you don’t go, you’ll never know. It’s just 1 session - and the rest, is history.


Wow - I hope you are feeling inspired because this has made me feel that I need to do something that is 'uncomfortable"!!

Well done Donna for being so epic and if you are interested to meeting Donna or indeed any of our friendly and welcoming members then get yourself booked on to a fitMK seession via


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