It's the most wonderful time of the year - lets enjoy it!

by DI Si

So with Christmas being just round the corner I thought it makes sense to come up with Top Tips to help you all with the festivities and how to deal with some of the indulgences that tend to happen. 


Don’t Sit Down All Day! 


It’s so easy to forget to move when you are pinked on the sofa and watching TV before moving to the floor to play the next board game. Incorporate on top of this that you have probably eaten more than you normally would as well as some daytime drinking - It is not surprising that you feel really sluggish. Just go out for a small walk and take in some fresh air and of course bring the family and friends with you … it will also help with digestion ;-) 


What To Eat And Drink 


Listen you really want to enjoy yourself and you absolutely should!! So just ask the question if you have Bucks Fizz for breakfast and then a couple of glasses of wine with lunch followed by a sherry or baileys after dinner - when will it get to the point that you have had too much? 

Along with research that suggest a Christmas lunch/dinner can add up to 3000 calories in one meal (which is pretty much what a man should eat over the course of one day!) It is easy to see how you create your own Christmas stuffing!! 

Just make a plan and spread things out so that you are not eating so much in one sitting. If you feel are going off track then just commit to not having anything other than water for one hour in which case you will come back on the ‘booze and eating’ train again! 


Stock Up On Fruit & Veg!


It is easy to neglect these as we reach for another pig in blanket followed straight away with some after dinner chocolate mint. 

Fruit will give us that sweet tooth feeling and personally I have always found really refreshing. If your plate is made up of vegetables before you stack on the roast potatoes then you will fill yourself up on the things that can give you a vitamin and mineral boost .. and let’s face in the seasons of colds and flu when better to do this!


Eating With Your Eyes


Arriving to a Christmas party really hungry is the fastest way to eat with your eyes first. I have been so guilty of this in the past - missing a lunch because I know I am eating out at dinner and then I consume far too much as I am STARVING!!

Sometimes have a small healthy snack before you leave will help you with the decisions that you make later and also make you more inclined to eat the right sort of portions so that you don’t overindulge. 


Don’t Let January Be Your Saviour!


I have said for years so many people get it wrong and use January as the month where everything will turn round and be healthy and amazing again. This is so rarely the case!

While the intention is there - if you have overindulged in December then it is too hard and a lot to ask for your body and mindset to cope with the complete detox and diet now. 

Turn up to January already fired up and have made some awesome decisions that serve your habits and keep you in the forefront of your health and fitness. 




Enjoy yourself and please do NOT stress over things like eating, parting and staying up late. Break everything down to one decision there and then. 

Will you go to every party you are invited to - are you going to have that drink - should you have a third pudding now etc etc

Plan your eating and drinking and if you are enjoying yourself and want to crack on … do that! 

Reset on the following day and remember most importantly how you would like to feel and what actions will help you be that way … that is normally the route of success :-)  



Happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays. 


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