Steps to get back on track (PART 1)

by DI Si



1 - Have Your Vision Crystal Clear


If you don't know what you are actually trying to achieve then it's difficult to stay on track. Understand how you would like to:


- Look - Feel - Behave - Speak .... Then get attached to that vision before taking next steps.


2 - Ditch The Scales


You should track how you are getting on. However if you are getting anxious or feeling upset from the number you see looking back at you then remember - It is the long term result that is important not the weekly check in. Now you can smile! 


3 - Be Positive


If you put yourself down or think you can't do it then you are setting yourself up for failure. I know this may be a 'default setting' but spend one week saying "I can do this" even if you don't believe in it initially - you will start to shift into a positive frame.


4 - Grab A Buddy


Knowing someone is waiting for you is a sure fire way to get to the gym! Try to find someone who is on the same path or even better 6 -12 months 'down the road' from you as they will really understand where you are at and can help!


5 - Keep A Food Journal


This will help you understand how much you are eating and also give you the ability to look outside the box of what you think you eat. The very basic maths of calories is  - eat less than your BMR and you WILL lose weight but not so little that you lose energy!



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