This advice needs to be in your life!

by DI Si

Essentially fitMK has been built on my beliefs, understanding’s and of course mistakes that I have learnt from over the years. 


I know high intensity is a great way to get fit and lose weight. 

I understand that weighted and resistance exercise is good way to become stronger. 

I do believe that we need balance and should have more of a flexible and stretching session at least twice a week. 

And I really believe that children should be exposed to us training and learn as soon as possible that it is a positive habit to encourage. 


This why the sessions exist on the the timetable of fitMK. 


But we all can reach a time when we lose our passion or interest in our chosen exercise or activity. 


Some people do classes everyday - some people only go running - some are at their happiest on a bench under some heavy weights. Some just get to a point that they aren’t even excited about their training!


There are numerous studies and articles about why we need to lift weights, why we need to do cardio, why we need to stay flexible, and why working on our balance (stationary and dynamically) is so important. So if we know all these facts, then why would someone choose to just lift weights, or just run, or just do yoga? It makes no sense, why limit yourself and your capabilities. 


However I have learnt over the years that people like to make things as comfortable as they can within whatever hardship they have decided to put themselves into. 


As a 1 to 1 trainer and personal coach I know my job is to stretch these boundaries repeatedly to help people to grow into the fitness that they didn’t think possible or lose more weight than they thought they could. So I like to spice things up sometimes - even do this with my group training business fitMK! 


People should consider changing what they do in their training to prevent boredom and also move past stuck on training plateau’s. 


This year I am changing three classes at fitMK and creating ONE! Dumbbell conditioning is a get way to get good compound movements with light to medium weights, Boxfitness is awesome for building endurance and stamina, while X-fit is all about developing more strength! 

Each have their benefits and now I have decided to bring all three classes together to create DBX!


This means variety can now go up another gear as incorporate all three of these sessions into one class but sometime but heavier on the one aspect over the others OR a balanced level of all three. The possibilities are limitless as the instructors now can use all of these classes positives in one session. 


While there is nothing wrong with having a habitual class if that works for you - many people are keen to see what new levels they can get to when they exercise and can be so much more enthusiastic and positive about their training when it has more cross training - this balance of exercise combined with lifestyle will have the biggest benefits physically and mentally and that so inspire’s me!


So if you are reading this and you have nothing to do with fitMK - then what changes could you make within your current regime to over boredom and also help you get to the next level of your fitness, weight loss or just enthusiasm for your training. 



If you are part of fitMK then why not try a DBX session or maybe do a session that you haven’t done before. Ask me or any instructor if you need some help or ideas to help facilitate the change to get your next level of results. 


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