Do you have these in your house? It might help your training!

by DI Si

As of today (10/04/20) the current lockdown rules state that people can go out for exercise just once a day. So that would be most likely a walk, run or bike ride. 

The lake at Willen and parks are still ‘open’ but you must not use any of the outdoor gyms or play parks. 


We understand that it is such a shame that as the weather has come good and the sky is blue, the sun is out and the warmth has arrived that we now must stay inside. 


But this is a perfect opportunity to start to boost your training to the next level. 


Look around your house what could you use for exercise equipment? 


Equipment does not need to be big/expensive or even the latest fad! Here are some novel ideas that you could bring into your next training session : 


  1. Use paper plates on the carpeted floor or dusters on your laminated floor and then put your feet on, now try running mountain climbers or opening the legs while planking!

  2. The dining table is awesome for rear back rows. 

  3. Some rope that you can use in your back garden on a tree will make a perfect suspension trainer. 

  4. Grab your backpack and fill it with books and cans of food then do some squats and press ups  … you soon notice the difference. 

  5. Use a towel for stretching - it really is amazing how much more effective it is! 


If you can’t get heavy weights then make the tempo SLOW .. the amount of people I have worked with over the last two weeks on zoom and they can’t believe the workout they get once the speed is brought right down!


I get things can be frustrating and we all want to get things back to normal ASAP.

But let's take ownership of health and fitness and not just use this as an excuse to stop or slow but rather push the boundaries and find what we can do to make not just training even more awesome ….. But to train our physical body to reap the benefits and our mindset to become unstoppable!! 


Of course if you still need someone to holler at you then drop us an email and Simon will get you on the virtual sessions ;-)



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