fitMK Ltd Covid-19 Policy

All sessions will be run in accordance with current and guidelines on COVID-19. Please note that:

  • • Instructors will promote social distancing and cleanliness at the start of each session.
  • • Sessions will be organised in formations which comply with social distancing guidelines with appropriate spacing between participants monitored by the instructor throughout the class
  • • Numbers of participants permitted to book each session will be capped at a number permitted by current government guidelines for outdoor group training and to safely facilitate compliance with social distancing measures
  • • Nothing should be passed to/from the instructor including any personal items such as keys or clothing
  • • Participants should not cluster in groups before or after sessions and must adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times
  • • Participants should ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly before and after a session
  • • Instructors will ensure that any fitness equipment used during a session is disinfected before and after a session or during the session between participant use where equipment may be shared with disinfectant spray, wipes and gloves
  • • Face masks and gloves will not be mandatory for either instructors or participants unless government guidelines change to make this mandatory
  • • Participants should not attend any sessions if they have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 either currently or recent within 14 days (including without limitation a temperature, cough or difficulty breathing) and any participants displaying such symptoms will be sent home by the instructor to follow government self-isolation guidelines
  • • It is down to individual participants to take personal responsibility when taking part in sessions and not to attend sessions in breach of any government guidelines (including but not limited to self-isolation guidelines) or with any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 listed on
  • • Any First aid and CPR required will be performed as required in accordance with the current government policy guidance for first aid responders from time to time website including the use of gloves and face masks where this is needed and advised in the guidelines
  • • fitMK Ltd reserve the right to cancel any sessions and/or offer replacement online sessions in lieu of any outdoor sessions at their discretion for any COVID-19 or other public health-related reasons including (but not limited to) any instructor illness, participant illness or limitations on the operation of outdoor fitness training under government advice and guidelines.