fitMK is the premier outdoor fitness company in Milton Keynes.

We give you the chance to reach your full health potential with boot camp sessions unlike any other. Do you want to be fit in MK? then look no further.

Why fitMK?

fitMK has exclusive access to one of Milton Keynes’ most beautiful landmarks at Willen Lake, so you are not only treated to a high intensity workout but also a view that is second to none while you do it.

If that’s not enough, sessions are also held at another important city site at Campbell Park, which has hills that will leave you breathless – probably because you’ll be running up and down them!

Our Sessions

Here’s a brief overview of our sessions. Why not come down to one of these to experience us first hand. Most of our sessions use a coloured bib system to suit all fitness levels.

Dumbbell Conditioning

An all-over body circuit class with dumbbells

45 minutes


PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. And, we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined. PiYo isn’t like standard Pilates and yoga classes that make you hold long, intense poses, or lead you through dozens of repetitive, microscopic core movements. PiYo speeds everything up—including your results—by introducing you to dynamic, flowing sequences that can burn serious calories at the same time as they lengthen and tone your muscles and increase your flexibility.

60 minutes


The kettlebell is a cast-iron or cast steel weight used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

60 minutes

Run Fit

Support and motivation to really take your running up to the next level

45 minutes

Run Fit (30 mins)

This session is specially tailored to beginners or those who haven't run for a while who want to focus their training on running.

30 minutes

Family Fitness

The session will still have the fitMK element of hard work, friendly banter and getting results as we welcome anyone to come to this class regardless of whether you have a child or not. Family fitness is a training session that caters for our members who wish to bring their children

60 minutes

Box Fit

Feeling Stressed? Box Fitness is your answer. It’s a boxing class that will see you hitting pads and hitting them hard. The classes give members predominantly a great upper body workout but they also help people to develop their cardio vascular strength.

60 minutes

Core Strength and Flexibility

What some may not realise is that the core of your body is the root of all strength and posture. Good posture is important to a person’s range of motion and if that can be enhanced then the spine and skeletal structure will be at less risk of being affected by extreme ranges of movement and excessive forces on the body.

60 minutes

Metabolic Express

You are encouraged to go flat out for as long as you can before taking a rest while the activities continue. Then when you feel ready you can come back in and carry on at the same intensity.

45 minutes


Boot camps are the original fitMK session – where it all began. They are a fun, fitness class designed to get your blood pumping. The great thing about a Boot Camp session is you don’t know what you’re going to experience from day to day.

60 minutes


fitMK’s version of cross fit, set up to be a competition, whether or not it is just yourself you are competing against. With a combination of snatches, pull-ups and jerks your strength and conditioning is tested in circuits, using kettlebells, Olympic bars, Bulgarian bags, medicine and tornado balls and so much more.

60 minutes

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Keeping track of your fitness has never been so simple. Our brand new app enables you to easily book sessions, update stats and manage your account . On top of that you can track your fitness and monitor your stats through sessions and all time.

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fitMK Team

Meet our wonderful team of drill instructors. Professional, friendly and sure to help you get the most out of your training

Time Tables

Here is a list of our SUPER classes!



  • 06:15 Bootcamp
  • 12:30 Family Fitness
  • 18:30 Bootcamp
  • 19:30 Box Fitness


  • 06:15 Box Fitness
  • 09:30 Family Fitness
  • 17:45 Run Fit (30 mins)
  • 18:30 Dumbbell Conditioning


  • 06:15 Bootcamp
  • 12:30 Family Fitness
  • 18:30 X-fitMK
  • 19:45 Bootcamp


  • 06:15 Dumbbell Conditioning
  • 09:30 Family Fitness /Box Fit
  • 18:00 Bootcamp
  • 19:15 Run Fit
  • 20:00 Pilates


  • 06:15 Bootcamp
  • 12:30 Family Fitness
  • 18:45 Kettlebells


  • 08:15 X-fitMK
  • 10:00 Bootcamp/ Family Fitness


  • 08:15 Bootcamp

Willen Lake and Campbell Park

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