fitMK is the premier outdoor fitness company in Milton Keynes.

We give you the chance to reach your full health potential with boot camp sessions unlike any other. Do you want to be fit in MK? then look no further.

Why fitMK?

fitMK has exclusive access to one of Milton Keynes’ most beautiful landmarks at Willen Lake, so you are not only treated to a high intensity workout but also a view that is second to none while you do it.

If that’s not enough, sessions are also held at another important city site at Campbell Park, which has hills that will leave you breathless – probably because you’ll be running up and down them!

Our Sessions

Here’s a brief overview of our sessions. Why not come down to one of these to experience us first hand. Most of our sessions use a coloured bib system to suit all fitness levels.

Virtual Pilates

Our Pilates classes consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasises proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

45 minutes

Virtual Kettlebells

Our workout is focused on strength and toning with expert instruction. Two kettlebells are preferable (different weights) but still works with just one.

45 minutes

Virtual 30 Minute Boot Camp

A short Boot Camp for Adults and Kids who want to take timeout for exercise. Our DI will observe, correct and positively motivate you so that you enjoy the session again and again!

30 minutes

Virtual Dumbbells

Join in with our fitMK DI for a workout that will be focused on using dumbbell weights to create strength and toning. Includes expert instruction, observation, correction and motivation.

45 minutes

Virtual Boot Camp

Join one of our fitMK DIs for a body weight workout that will be fun and interactive. This class will get your heart pumping! You will be given expert instruction on how to perform the exercises. Our DI will observe, correct and motivate you. Expect fun, laughter and banter.

45 minutes

Available on
the iOS App Store and Android Play Store

Keeping track of your fitness has never been so simple. Our brand new app enables you to easily book sessions, update stats and manage your account . On top of that you can track your fitness and monitor your stats through sessions and all time.

The Very Latest From Our Blog

Keep up with our latest news and the best fitness tips that will help you stick to your goals!

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fitMK Team

Meet our wonderful team of drill instructors. Professional, friendly and sure to help you get the most out of your training

Time Tables

Here is a list of our SUPER classes!



  • 06:15 Virtual Boot Camp
  • 12:30 Virtual 30 Minute Boot Camp
  • 17:15 Virtual Boot Camp
  • 18:30 Virtual Dumbbells


  • 06:15 Virtual Pilates
  • 07:15 Virtual Dumbbells
  • 09:30 Virtual 30 Minute Boot Camp
  • 17:15 Virtual Kettlebells
  • 18:30 Virtual Boot Camp


  • 06:15 Virtual Boot Camp
  • 12:30 Virtual 30 Minute Boot Camp
  • 17:15 Virtual Boot Camp
  • 18:30 Virtual Dumbbells


  • 07:15 Virtual Kettlebells
  • 09:30 Virtual 30 Minute Boot Camp
  • 17:15 Virtual Dumbbells
  • 18:30 Virtual Boot Camp


  • 06:15 Virtual Boot Camp
  • 10:00 Virtual Pilates
  • 12:30 Virtual 30 Minute Boot Camp
  • 18:30 Virtual Kettlebells


  • 08:15 Virtual Dumbbells
  • 09:30 Virtual 30 Minute Boot Camp


  • 08:15 Virtual Boot Camp
  • 09:15 Virtual Pilates

Willen Lake and Campbell Park

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